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Sheffield Show

Being Born at Meadowhead meant Graves Park has and always will be a great attraction to me, it began back in 1925 when 112 acres including Norton Hall were purchased on behalf of Sheffield Voluntary Hospital from Bernard Firth and In the same year 154 acres were added by Alderman J.G.Graves and presented to the city as a public park to be known as Graves Park. I remember Graves for its Whitsuntide singing and parades but it was more famous for the Sheffield Show with its various attractions, esp

The last visit I went to was 31st Aug 1997 when the skies opened and it thundered and lightened on that early Sunday morning as the death of Diana Princess of Wales started to go round the stalls.

The Sheffield Show was also held at Hillsborough Park for many years with a giant fun fair but the last 4 years it has resurrected as Sheffield Fayre at Norfolk Park to which I have been involved in through judging the homemade wine category. It's probable the only tasting I attend when I actually spit out and I don't think our shop is in danger of a loss of sales but to be fair wines entered in the medium/sweet category can give quite a smack some pleasant some not! However each year there has always been a few jems and this year saw a sweet liquor was best on show but I always throughout enjoy the day as it's a great view of our city from Norfolk Park, I shouldn't knock the homemade wine brigade as I'm possibly to critical.

Miles apart from home made wine we have the English Wine Project founded by Kieron Atkinson, winemaker and vineyard manager at Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire. The Vineyard was planted by the late Sir Reresby in 1972 and up to 1986 was the most Northerly Vineyard in the world 53 degrees and 18 minutes north they produce 3 wines which we stock.

There is Madeline Angevine a still dry white at £10.99 & two sparklings a White & a Rose from the Seyval Blanc grape selling at £21.00. These are far from homemade wines and since Kieron took over the quality is a thousand fold better.

Cheers John

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