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What's new for 2012, I await loads of invites for wine tastings up and down the country for February and March where growers and vignorons will show off new wines & vintages. The latter end of 2012 saw some interesting new additions to our shelves from the USA.

In wine circles we acquired some great wines from California “Wines that Rock” a blended red named after the Greatful dead American rock band formed in 1965. Another blended red being the Police Synchronicity album from 83. A soft merlot carries the Rolling Stones forty licks double album logo & finally a lovely tannic cabernet sauvignon dedicated to Pink Floyds the dark side of the moon all at £15.99, it isn't cheap but good Californian wines aren't and these are very good.

Still in the USA we have Balcones the original Texas Whisky, a unique corn whisky made from atole blue corn meal, the result a round nuttiness with roasted overtones and a smooth finish, called Baby Blue it's the first Texan whisky on the market since the prohibition, We also stock their Single Malt. Widely available is the Wild Turkey American Honey, Jack Daniels have one, however you should try Krupnik, which is a polish honey made spirit liquor but it isn't new having been around for centuries.

Finally on the beer front we've been selling Flying Dog Beers from Maryland for some time, the labels are unusual by artist Ralph Steadman and we have just had two new ones arrive, Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout and Under Dog Atlantic Lager pricey but different. I'm always looking for new and interesting products so going to wine tastings isn't a pleasure but very hard work!!!!!!!


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